Easy and Creative Software to Make Infographics

More and more software to make infographics are being introduced for people who want to relay information in an edifying and creative manner. You can now find a lot of online infographic maker. Here are some of the notable infographic maker online and how you can use them to the fullest.

Free Tools to Make Infographics and What Makes Them Work Well For You

  1. Easel.ly. If your report or presentation is more on storytelling and relaying of conceptual visualizations, this infographic maker free online will help your pictures speak a thousand words. You get gorgeous themes to choose from and well designed objects to include in your visualizations.
  2. Infogr.am. If you want some nice themes to spice up the real data that you have in your presentation, this free online infographic maker will aid you in making bubble graphs, scatter charts, radial bar graph, and other 30+ displays that you can use. You can even have your infographics published on this site or embedded in your own website.
  3. App.piktochart.com. If you want some very basic dragging and dropping of images and shapes to create your visualizations, this software to make infographics is a web based tool that offer you six themes to choose from, all at zero cost. You can manually enter the data or use information from a CSV file then have these exported into a JPG or PNG file that you can print.

Some Points to Remember When Using an Infographic Maker Free Online

The software mentioned here are some of the best online infographic makers that you can find online but here’s a word of caution. Minimize the use of intricate or difficult to digest visualizations offered by your infographic maker online. Judge carefully what objects should be included in a manner that will make facilitating of information easy and not complicated.

When you do this, you no longer have to be the recipient of the yawns of your audience. Get them alert and enthusiastic with a free online infographic maker. Let your visualizations created with free tools to make infographics support your presentations.