Infographic Design is an art, not a science. Visual design and data visualization research is not a service where a consultant can provide a set of cookie cutter recommendations and provide a successful campaign for their clients. The art of creating a successful infographic is a series of processes that starts with the client, transitions to a research and data collection phase and ends with a visually stunning design. This new form of infographic design and optimization is set on a foundation of giving the user what they want, staying up-to-date with industry trends and being passionate and creative about all things web and design. has been providing infographics services since 1999. When you contact them they will provide you with a free consultation about their data visualization services.

Infographic Design dot org Customers

Infographic Design dot org caters to businesses. However, they do not mention anything about not accepting business for individuals so it is safe to assume that both businesses and individuals are welcome to use their infographic services.

Infographic Design Pricing Plans

Infographic Design provides custom rates for each and every project as every infographic is completely unique. They are a full service infographic design shop, which means that they can not only design the graphic, but they can also help with the research phase to help come up with any ideas that you need assistance with. However, their average rates for their infographic services are between $500-$2,500. Reviews Found

No reviews could be found. This is something that comes off as being a little bit odd due to the fact that according to their blog posts they have to have been in business since 2011. Since, there are no reviews of infographic services for it cannot be determined whether or not this infographic service is 100% legit. Also, no one has confirmed whether or not there is any scam or fraud taking place. Furthermore, since there are no reviews no one can know without contacting them whether or not they have any sort of discount available for new or existing customers.