Review Review is an infographic service that has a team of more than one hundred creative designers and data analysts that specialize in creating excellent infographics or their clients located around the world. Their infographics are so inclusive yet visually pleasing that, they clearly illustrate the usually complex issues, and users just have a smooth ride to assimilate the entire story.’s infographics have the magical mix of information and graphics, and they create mesmerizing impact on their users. Moreover, they are so viral in nature that, users find it difficult to resist themselves from sharing the same. When considering infographics creators you should definitely consider for your infographic creator because you can rest assured about getting excellent masterpieces that not only visualizes your story, but it also ensures branding and advertisement for you.

Infographic Design Team dot com Customers

Infographic Design Team dot com customers consist of mainly businesses. However, they do not mention not accepting individual customers. So, it is safe to assume that they are open to business from individuals as well as businesses.

Infographic Design Team Pricing Plans

Infographic Design Team has various pricing plans that they offer to those who are interested in their infographics services. Their budget plan is $399, their best seller plan is $699, their no compromise is $999, and their IGDT special plan is $1499. Each plan includes different features so you should not have no problem finding the plan that is the perfect match for you. Reviews Found reviews that have been left by their customers have been generally positive. So, there is no need for anyone to think that there is any type of scam or fraud taking place within this online infographic services. However, what customers did not mention in their reviews of infographics about is whether or not they have any type of discount available.