Review was created to ease the process of submitting infographics by having every gallery in one easy to use list. Browse their list of galleries and click the submit button next to each to be taken straight to that particular gallery’s submission page. If you don’t feel like spending hours submitting your infographic, fill out their form and they will submit your infographic manually to a list of twenty five galleries within 48 hours. They will even send you a submission report once it has been completed.

Infographic Submit dot com Customers

Infographic Submit dot com customers is basically anyone who needs to submit their infographics to galleries but do not have the time. They range from both businesses and individuals. However, if you are considering using their data visualization services you should be aware that this company does not create the infographics for you instead they send them to different places for publishing. So, if you were looking for infographic creators this would not be the infographics services for you.

Infographic Submit Pricing Plans

Infographic Submit has various pricing plans. However, their lowest one appears to start at $10 and that includes them submitting your infographic to 25 galleries. Reviews Found reviews indicate that their customers have been very happy with their infographic services. Not to mention the fact that they also provide their services through Fiverr so there is no way that there is any sort of scam or fraud taking place within this infographic submission services. However, the one thing that there reviews of infographic services do not touch basics on is whether or not they have any sort of discount available for their new or existing customers.

Overall, appears to be a trustworthy service and there are no reasons as to why you would not want to use them to help make sure that your infographic gets the attention that it needs. But, overall the decision as to whether or not you use their services remains up to you.