Review Review is referred to by more than a few as being one of the best infographic services that is available online. They are known for producing content that provides results and some of the infographics that they have created for their customers has even gone viral. Their design process is very simple and they even have it explained in a cute infographic on their website so it is easy to see that their infographic creators already have some serious skills. If you like what they have provided on their website then you are sure to be pleased with the quality of the work that they are able to provide to you.

Prime Infographics dot com Customers

Prime Infographics dot com customers consist of both business and individuals. However, unlike many of their data visualization services competitors they do not have the specific names of the clients that they have worked with in the past.

Prime Infographics Pricing Plans

Prime Infographics has three different plans that they have available to their customers:

  • Infographic Services
  • Silver – $1000
  • Gold – $1600
  • Platinum- $2000
  • Motion Graphics Pricing
  • Silver – $6000
  • Gold- $9000
  • Platinum – $12000. Reviews Found reviews have been positive in nature. None of their customers have had anything negative to say about the infographic services that have been provided to them. So, there is no way that there is any type of scam or fraud taking place within this data visualization services. However, at the same time none of their infographic services reviews indicate whether or not they have any sort of discount available either. One thing that is for sure though is they are great when it comes to designing infographics and since no one has said anything negative about them they have also been able to be classified as being 100% legit. When doing business with them you have nothing at all to worry about as the reputation that they have for their data visualization services is absolutely amazing.